Transportation services
Transportation services

Logistics Services

Prime International’s logistic team can handle any request around the world. Our services include warehousing, inland transportation, rail services, air cargo and ocean container shipments.

Our experts know and understand the regulations and requirements for specific markets to ensure your products arrive on time and in good condition. We manage the process from start to finish including all necessary product documentation, product labels, and export documentation.

Export Management

Prime International works closely with suppliers to provide solutions to meet their export needs. Our team can provide an export solution to meet any request. We have the ability to provide private label and custom processed products. We provide unique financing and logistical support.

We assist many producers not familiar or comfortable with the export process. We guarantee payment to our supplier and ensure a smooth export process. Our hard work and integrity have helped us earn the respect and trust of our suppliers. We often work together with suppliers and international buyers to meet specific requests. We represent several companies as their international agent for procurement and international sales.