Prime International, LLC is a global organization with a passion for providing the best quality products and services to our customers and suppliers. Although headquartered near the Wasatch Mountains of Northern Utah, our reach spans the world.

Our knowledge and experience, coupled with our integrity and hard work, have made us a competitive player in the agricultural commodities markets. We specialize in beef, pork, poultry, and forage, but also distribute a variety of other products including seafood, frozen objects, grains, potatoes, and other items.

Prime International continues to evolve and improve as we develop new and innovative ways to meet your needs in an ever-changing economy. What won’t change is our focus on providing customer satisfaction and quality products at competitive prices around the globe.

  • Abomasums
  • Aorta
  • Back Strap
  • Beef Feet
  • Blade Meat
  • Brisket
  • Boneless Chuck
  • Boneless Short Ribs
  • Cheek Meat
  • Chuck Eye Roll
  • Chuck Short Ribs
  • Chuck Roll
  • Chuck Tail Flap
  • Chuck Tender
  • Clod
  • Eye Round
  • Ground Beef
  • Ground Chuck
  • Goose Necks
  • Head Meat
  • Hearts
  • Hind Shanks
  • Honeycomb Tripe
  • Inside Rounds
  • Intercostals Meat
  • Kidneys
  • Knuckles
  • Lips
  • Livers
  • Membrane
  • Omasum
  • Oxtails
  • Pizzle
  • Rib Eye Lipon
  • Rib Eye Roll
  • Rib Finger
  • Short Ribs
  • Small Intestines
  • Super Chuck Eye Roll
  • Tendons
  • Tongues
  • Top Blade
  • Tripe
Beef Products From Prime International
Frozen foods and goods



We’ve built our business on the foundation of great customer service and supplier relations. Developing long-term business relationships is the key to our success. Each of our clients and suppliers benefits from the entire network of Prime International.

Thanks to our focus on relationships, extensive market knowledge, international experience, and aggressive negotiation style, Prime International has continued to provide the highest quality products for the most competitive prices, despite the rapidly changing world economy.


Providing several standardized global trade financing solutions; including letters of credit, open sales terms, foreign exchange services, and ongoing support, Prime International has helped many others grow profits and open new doors. Prime International also tailors unique financing options to specific needs and opportunities.


Knowledge and understanding of the regulations and requirements for specific markets is necessary to ensure your products arrive on time and in good condition. Prime International manages the process from start to finish including all necessary product documentation, product labels, inspections, and export documentation.

Prime International can efficiently handle any request around the world. In addition to customized support and financing, we also provide private labeling, custom processing, and other services.


Going “above and beyond” is standard practice for members of the Prime International team. We assist many producers not familiar or comfortable with the export process. We guarantee payment to the supplier and ensure a smooth process.

Prime International deals in air cargo, warehousing, inland transportation, rail services, transloading, ocean shipments, and all related categories daily. Our consistent track record has helped us earn the respect and trust of those we do business with.

At Prime International we often work together with suppliers and international buyers to meet specific requests. We represent several companies as an international agent for procurement and sales.






Co-Founder Jason Summers moved to South Korea in his late teens. He fell in love with the culture and people there. When he moved back to America to get his Economics degree in his early 20’s he wanted to stay connected to Korea and use the second language he had become fluent in. He took a job trading meat with South Korean customers. Over time, his customers began to trust that Jason could provide more than other competitors. Building on a stellar reputation with North American and Asian clients, and making the process easier, led Jason to founding Prime International.


Co-Founder Nick Summers attained a degree in Economics while he was on a Golf scholarship and teaching himself Spanish. As he was finishing his schooling and considering his future, Nick decided to focus on fulfilling local meat vendor needs by importing from Mexico and providing market information to those who were buying from him. While focused on fulfilling his customers’ needs, Nick expanded sourcing and financing alternatives for them. He became a trusted advisor, and the next logical steps quickly made him an international presence and led Nick to founding Prime International.


Provide efficient logistical services including warehousing, inland transportation, rail services, ocean transportation, and global trade financing solutions to meet the needs of suppliers and customers so that we can focus on providing customer satisfaction and quality products at competitive prices. Although headquartered near the Wasatch Mountains of Northern Utah, our reach spans the world.


Be a competitive player in any given market by building long-term relationships based on developing new and innovative ways to meet the needs of our customers.


Priorities - We create balance by scheduling our time based on our priorities.

Relationships – We build honest relationships that overcome hardships.

Integrity – We strive to apply the most appropriate principle to each decision.

Mindfulness - We choose to be in the moment - or not - consciously.

Exchange - We focus on exchanges that maximize long-term wins.